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I need your best practice recommandation!

Dear All,

For the very best of our current Prod. syetem, i need your best practice recommandation for the below:

Existing System:

  • One Netbackup 7.1 Ent. Master Server/ Solaris
  • Four Netbackup 7.1 Ent. Media Servers/ Windows 2008

         Existing System Explanation

  • All the Netbackup Master and Media servers are connected to a SAN switch With in same zone to a Sun Storage Tek SL500 TL.
  • Two of the Windows Media Servers are Exchange Server 2010, The are configured as a media servers because we need to make the Media server write its own DAG GRT backup to SL500 TL.
  • The other two Media servers are File servers, like the Exchange servers they are oprateing as Media servers becouse of the writing speed directly to the SL500 TL

Future Expansion:

  • We are planning to include two new Linux servers running two node oracle RAC installed. The servers OS (Redhat linux) can see the SL500 TL through the SAN.


  1. Please recommand as a best practice to backup specially the new Oracle RAC servers, regarding the higher level design. Is it a best practice if we make one of the server in the Oracle RAC a media server so that it will directly write the data to tape?
  2. Also what do you think about the setup of the existing system.




3 Replies

from the Exchange Admin

from the Exchange Admin Guide

Granular information is only cataloged for a backup image that is made to a disk

storage unit. A backup that is made directly to tape does not contain granular

information. You can duplicate the image to tape, but you cannot directly back

up to tape. If you configure backups to a disk storage unit, no further configuration

is required. You can only perform restores of individual items using Granular

Recovery Technology (GRT) if the backup resides on a disk storage unit.

Thanks wr apperciate it ;) I

Thanks wr apperciate it ;) I alredy made Scheduled GRT backup Disk and Duplicate to Tape.

Please any remommandation about useing one oracle RAC node as a media server?

Guys; Any ideas are


Any ideas are apperciated please post what you did which is successfull.