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Idea for policy altering weekly between 2 libraries

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Hello everybody,

I've been a long time reader and now first  time writer ...

Has anybody tried to implement a backup which alters weekly between two libraries?
This is what I want to have in the end:
Week1 F_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1
Week2 F_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2
Week3 F_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1 I_Lib1
Week4 F_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2 I_Lib2
... and so on ...

I was already trying to get this done via a calender based scheduling
by selecting "Recurring Week Days", but this doesn't work out well.

Any ideas would by quite helpful ...

Thanks in advance ...

Regards, Axel.

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Put the two libs in a Storage Unit group and select "Round Robin" as Storage Unit Selection.

But I think it will balance far from 100%correct.

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You could use a Storage Unit Group, and then add/remove units from the group with a scheduled task (bpstuadd, etc)

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Thanks for your answers ...

Nicolai, the problem here is, with round-robin I'll lose the
dependencies to the full backup. this setting is really "round-robin" ...

Lu, I've already thought about this. My idea was to switch the STU's within
the policies, but your idea in one way is smarter, I don't touch the policies anymore ...

Another idea was to use an external scheduler, but the customer doesn't like
that idea ...

I can't believe, I'm the only one wanting a weekly round-robin ...


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Consider setting the frequency to two weeks instead of one week
week1 schedule runs every two weeks and does NOT override the policy storage unit
week2 schedule runs every two weeks and overrides the policy storage unit
Run week1 but not week2 until the week following week1.
Now you have them alternating every other week.
You can also use exclude dates on week2 when when week1 runs for insurance.

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Can I ask why you want to do backups between two different lib's?

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This would be a step to a solution, but as you already mentioned, the problem
here is to prevent week2 from running parallel to week1 ... and
exclude dates aren't handy at all if you thing of more than one
policy ...
The next thing is, this would work for full backups, but the problem here
is, I want the incrementals also being backed up to the same library as
starting full backup...
I hope we're getting somewhere near a solution ...

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This is part of a concept for alternating backups, so
if Lib1 fails completly, we have the chance to get some of the
backups for a restore from Lib2 ...

Level 6
Why not simply remove the tape from the failing library and place it in the working library?
Your not going to want to restore data that is a week old.
And your not going to want to wait one week before you start doing backups on the working library.


Level 3
.. kind of, you're right, but the customer wants this solution because
he's scared about losing a library completly due to water, fire ...
Perfect would be doing an inline copy, but this way the libraries
would run out of space ...

Level 6
Eject the weekly full tapes and send the tapes offsite for safe keeping or at least an onsite fire-proof safe.
Have you looked into symantec's vaulting solution?

Level 3
Vault is no option in this case. Customer wants
security by distributing the backup images on the
two libraries ...

Level 6
The customer is seeking a flawed solution for data protection.

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Axel, the guys on this forum are correct - although NetBackup is "infinitely configurable", the product isn't designed around this solution you need and anything you impliment will be far from perfect.

However, there is one or two possible solution that might work in your case (but again, not perfect to any measure) which does not require the execution of external scripts to modify the policy on a weekly basis or the manual maintenance of hundreds of schedule exclusions....

Note: I have not tested this but the concept might work (no guarantees!)

1. Create your policy

2. Create 1st Full e.g. "F1LIB1" schedule and set it to Frequency-based, set to something like 8 days
3. Set the Start Window for your "Day1".
4. Select the "Override policy storage selection:" and choose your Lib1
5. Set all the other stuff that you need

6. Create 2nd Full  e.g. "F1LIB2" schedule and set it to Frequency-based, set to something like 8 days
7. Set the Start Window for your "Day1".
8. Select the "Override policy storage selection:" and choose your Lib2

9. Create 1st Incremental e.g. "I1LIB1"  schedule and set it to Frequency-based, set to something like 8 days
10. Set the Start Window for your "Day2".
11. Select the "Override policy storage selection:" and choose your Lib1

12. Create 2nd Incremental e.g. "I1LIB2"  schedule and set it to Frequency-based, set to something like 8 days
13. Set the Start Window for your "Day2".
14. Select the "Override policy storage selection:" and choose your Lib1

15. Do the same for each day until you have two schedules for each day which will run every second week.

16. To get this started, you will need to manually start each policy/schedule on its 1st actual run date so that NetBackup can keep the scheduling for future runs.  If anything should happen where you need to recreate or copy this policy, the new policy/schedule combinations will need to run manually on their start date.

Using two policies:
This could probably also be accomplished by creating two policies.  One with the above schedules for LIB1 and the other with the above schedules for LIB2 where both of these alternate every second week.
It might be a little easier doing it this way as you will be able to set the "Active. Go into effect at:" setting to set the start date of the two policies to alternate weeks.

The 8 day frequency should skip the next DAY1 causing it to wait for the DAY1 on the second, alternate, week.  This will also help a bit in the case that you have to run the job manually somewhere close to the scheduled date.
If you need to run your job/schedule manually at any time you have the risk of messing up your alternate schedules e.g.  If LIB2 jobs are running this week and you run a LIB1 schedule you will need to make sure that the schedules don't get confused and run on the same day at the next scheduled date based on the frequency.

Happy testing!

Level 6
Sorry Stumpr, I see you have already suggested this (must have skipped it before). Could have saved myself a bit of typing! :)

It seems that your solution is the closest to the requirements.