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If 1 stream fails, do the rest remain committed to tape?

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Apologies for the simple question, but my google skills have come up empty.

If I have jobs with multiple streams configured, and 1 of those streams fails, do I need to re-run the entire policy?  Or are the remainder of those streams good and committed to tape, and I just need to re-run the single failed stream?



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Each stream is an independent image if it's a file system, so you can just rerun the failed piece. If it's a DB, rerun the entire job.

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Hi @cayde-6 

If you have Enabled "Allow Multiple Data Streams , Then All the Streams are Independent. They can be used to individually restore if successful.


You might be confused because parent stream fails with same error code as Child Stream, but where data safety is concerned, you need not worry about that . You can just rerun the failed data stream.

Please however note that in case of DB Backups, this does not holds true. You must have all streams successful.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for this - its how I guessed it worked but the confirmation is great.  We are just talking File System.

In that case, how do i re-run just one stream, without triggering the parent and cancelling all the other streams that are no longer necessary?

From the Activity Monitor, right-click the failed stream and select "Restart job". 

It may also be helpful to enable checkpoints in the policy, that way if a stream does fail it can be restarted from its failure point, instead of from the beginning (it will show the status code of the failure and "Incomplete").

Select that Failed Stream and then Restart.

Parent Stream status wont change to successful . But that can be ignored.

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