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If cancel a SLP find out images remaining

Level 6

Hi guys,

Couple weeks ago I had to cancel a SLP, before I did that I ran "nbstlutil report" and I saw almost 1000 images in progress of that SLP.

I need to find out which images were canceled along with the SLP in order to manually duplicate them



Level 6
you could run nbstlutil list -U and redirect the output to a text file and then search for copies which says canceled..

Alternately you can also try using “nbstlutil list -copy_state <VALUE>” to check for canceled images..</VALUE>

btw this applies if the original image is not expired.. If the image itself is expired after the image is cancelled then you wont get this list..

Then your only luck would be to search for admin logs and then look for the “nbstlutil cancel” command if you had used individual backupids to cancel them