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Image Duplication Backlog

Level 1

Hello everyone!

I've only recently started working with NetBackup and I've been dealing with it a few weeks now. Now, onto my question regarding duplication and its backlog.

Over the weekend, many duplications piled up due to errors or due to the closing of the time window, resulting in them going into an error state. However, these are executed as new jobs until the image is successfully duplicated, which fills up the queue.

Regardless of the cause, is there a command or, better yet, a way for me to check if the images causing the errors are present in this job so I can abort them?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Best regards,


Level 5

To view the backlog and get an idea which SLP has the the backlog you can use "nbstlutil report" from a command line. You have not mentioned whether you are on Linux or windows. For Linux the command is /etc/openv/nettbackup/bin. For windows it is located <INSTALL_DRIVE>\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin.

You could use something like the following to find a list of incomplete images:

"nbstlutillist -image_incomplete |findstr /C:"V7.6.0 C" >C:\temp\image_incomplete_Copy.txt" obviously this is a windows syntax command for Linux the grep command will need to used. My linux is rusty but something along the lines "nbstlutillist -image_incomplete |grep "V7.6.0 C" >/tmp/image_incomplete_Copy.txt"

I am sure one of the gurus here on the forum will correct any silly mistake.