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Image Import

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Can any one explain the significance of Image Import?

Can we trigger image import on a media where a backup is running on the same media?




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Import is used to re-add expired backup images or images from another NetBackup master server (as per Admin Guide I)

You cannot do an import on a tape that is currently used for backup - same as you cannot restore from a tape that is currently being written to by a backup.

Only one kind of operation (read/write) can be performed on a tape at any point in time. (No random access as with disk storage.)

Chances are that the tape currently in use is being overwritten from the beginning because data has expired? Or are you suspecting a situation like this?

| Expired image | Valid image | Valid image | New Image ......

If this is the case, you will have to wait until the backup for 'New Image' has completed and then start import of 'Expired image'.

Hope this helps!

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If you are in the NetBackup Admin Console running on Windows and in the Catalog view F1. The online help appears. Very forgetful but handy tip.

It tells you all you want to know about Image Import.

In summary...


NetBackup can import the backups that have expired, the backups from another NetBackup server, or the backups written by Backup Exec for Windows.

There are 2 phases to import also.. 


Phase I of the import process creates a list of expired images from which to select to import in Phase II. No import occurs in Phase I.

Initiate an import by using either the Import Images Wizard or initiate it manually.

If tape is used, each tape must be mounted and read. It may take some time to read the catalog and build the list of images.

Phase II


To import the backups that consist of fragments on multiple tapes, first run the Initiate Import (Import Phase I). The first phase reads the catalog to determine all the tapes that contain fragments. After Phase I, start the Import (Phase II). If Phase II is run before Phase I, the import fails with a message. For example, Unexpected EOF or Import of backup ID failed, fragments are not consecutive.

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