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Impact of DataDomain Collection Replication on NetBackup (migrate data to new DD)

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At one of our customers we need to migrate data from the aging DataDomain DD890 systems to new DD9300 models. One suggestion is to use the Collection Replication method to duplicate the existing DD890 data to the DD9300.

Situation: NetBackup 8.0, DDboost plug-in V3.3, DDos (DD890 + DD9300).
Customer is uding DDboost en Managed File Replication (MFS) -aka duplication jobs- to write backup data to both DD systems. The systems hold approx 140TB data (after 10x dedup/compression)

The plan is to setup the Collection Migration, when the initial sync is finished we will stop all Media Servers, perform a last sync, kill the replication context, update the DNS to contain the IP address of the new DD system and start the media Servers again.
This will be a fast migration (few days) with minimal impact on the existing Netbackup configuration.

- Will NetBackup recognise the new DD9300 system after the DNS update?
(note: same local username/password for ddboost (Storage Server) in both the old and new DD system).
- Will NetBackup recognise the (copy of the) Data on the new DD9300 system or do we have to re-build/re-sync the backup catalog?
(something we would like to avoid)

I hope that anyone out there can answer these questions.


Ruud Elshout


Partner    VIP   

Likely not - each disk pool has a unique address in Netbackup. See tech note below of additional information:

In my view you have two options:

1: Move production to new Data Domain and let the  backup expire on the old data domain

2: Move production to new Data Domain and duplicate all backup images over from the DD890 using the bpduplicate command. This can be quite a task, I know. Alternative wait for the short term backup to expire and duplicate the long term

basically - you do not want to do any operation behind the scenes of Netbackup, as this can lead to confusing Netbackup.

best regards