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In-Cloud Data Recovery with Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault

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Hi Friends,

I've got some great news!  My latest paper, "In-Cloud Data Recovery with Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault" is now published!  This is a super cool paper, if I do say so myself.  Why is it so cool?  It shows you how to use your new Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault Storage as as Service to restore images off your Primary onto a totally different Primary server in case something bad happens to your main Primary.  This is some super cool technology and I encourage you to take a look at the paper:




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Thank you. I found this very useful. have a customer testing recovery Vault. Will forward this in the event there primary server goes down and need to recover from a disaster

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Hi Guys,

For performance purposes, I must deploy a new NetBackup Media server on Cloud so we can duplicate faster the Cloud point snapshots to the NetBackup Recovery vault.

I have a couple of questions, what are the requirements especially in the storage of the media server considering the customer has almost 7TB of data in production in the azure cloud?

Will any of the data be retained in the new media server?

Using NetBackup Recovery Vault, granular recovery will be possible?

FYI, we deployed Cloud Point in the cloud but moving to the recovery vault is taken forever because or media server is on-prem...