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Incorrect status of an imported tape

Level 4
Hello. I have just imported the images on a piece of media from one master server domain to another. This was successful and both bpimagelist and bpimmedia are reporting info as expected. However, the status of the piece of media is not IMPORTED as expected - it is AVAILABLE! Does anyone have any ideas as to why this has occurred? Thanks.

Level 6
Are the images on the media you imported still valid or did they expire?
You may be able to run a bpexpdate -recalculate to extend them.


Level 4
Hi David. They are still valid - the images are from another domain which is due for recommissioning.
Which does, now that you mention it, raise another anomoly. The backup retention level on the images is one year. The expiration date that has been set on the imported images is a year from today rather than a year from the time the backup occurred. ?? The retention periods are defined consistently across both domains....

Level 4
Actually, ignore my additional question! This is expected behaviour - ie, current date + retention period.

Level 4
In case anyone is interested, I did a workaround:

1) assign the tape
> vmquery -assignbyid
(ie, vmquery -assignbyid 601510 hcart 5 0 1172550000)

2) expire the image created from previous import
> bpexpdate -m -d 0 -justimage

3) re-import the piece of media

The tape is still not in the correct state - ie, its active rather than imported - but at least its not at risk of being overwritten...