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Increase Bandwith throughput

Hey Guys,

I have client that houses about 1.2TB of data backing up to disk, but it is backing up at extreamly slow rate.  Some of my other clients backup at a rate of 29 t- 40 KBPS and my problem client only does about 5 KBPS.  All of my clients are within my Data center(local LAN). 

It feels like I should be pushing about the same data rate as the rest of my clinets. 


Any Ideas? 

NBU 7.1

Windows 2008 r2

Client NBU 7.1

Windows 2008. 


4 Replies

1.2TB of what kind of data?

1.2TB of what kind of data?  Is it extremely high file counts, in the millions?

1.2TB of small .TIF files. 

1.2TB of small .TIF files. 

Check this thread

When opening each files/folders, system call(or API) has some turn around time. It brings performance degration.

Check this thread, and try multistreaming, raw partition backup, or FlashBackup.

May want to try cleint-side

May want to try cleint-side dedupe...