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Informix Client to master server

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Hello all and thanks for any help.  We have been given an Informix client to backup that is unable to communicate with our master server.  The meida server and informix client can connect over the same VLAN but the master does not have the required vlan.  We can do file level backups, but we are unable to get the Informix piece to work.  My question is.  Does the client have to be able to talk to the master server in order for the informix backup to backup?  We get error:

15:16:08.050 [14874] <2> bprd_connect: Cannot connect to server MASTERSERVER automatically: 25
15:16:08.050 [14874] <2> bprd_connect: Cannot connect to server MASTERSERVER
15:16:08.050 [14874] <2> bprd_connect:    errno = 150 - Operation now in progress
15:16:08.050 [14874] <2> bprd_get_features: bprd_connect(MASTERSERVER) failed, cannot connect on socket (25)
15:16:08.050 [14874] <16> bsa_checkFeatureId: unable to check if feature <37> is licensed
15:16:08.051 [14874] <16> bsa_checkFeatureId: Server exit status = 25: cannot connect on socket
15:16:08.051 [14874] <16> VxBSAInit: ERR - The license for the requested feature is not available.



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In general, all the hosts in NetBackup should have access to master server. If not, various features in NetBackup can not work.

Especially, in DB backups, network communication will be initiated from client side. As shown in your log, the client tried to connect to bprd on the master server. Client access to master server os necessary.

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Yes, all database clients need connectivity to the master.

Database backups generate 'user directed' data streams that send backup request to bprd on the master server. Pre-7.0.1 will attempt connection using vnetd (port 13724) and 7.0.1 and later will use PBX (port 1556).