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Inline tape copy : Kill job copy 2

Level 2

I have a problem with inline tape copy on NetBackup 5.0 MP3 for Solaris (2.8)

When you start a inlinte tape copy job, you have a 3 jobs (1 master jobs, 1 job for copy 1 and 1 job for copy 2).

I want to kill only the job copy 2.
Here things already tested
- bpdbjobs -cancel , kill all job
- bpdbjobs -kill , kill all job
- Kill bptm process, kill all job
- bpschedreq -terminate -jobid , kill all job
- Kill with Java or Windows console interface, kill all job

A bug ? i don't know.

Thanks by advance.

PS : Excuse me, but my english is very bad

Stephane COLIN

Level 3
Check the attributes of your schedule. Select the configure button near multiple copies.

See what "if this copy fails" is set to. It maybe that it is set to fail all other copies\jobs.

I have not tested this just guessing so let me know if this does not work.