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Install 6.5 Client on RedHat but not from Master

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Hi I have a Redhat 32bit. So i need NB 6.5.6 It is not allowed to push the Software from the master. So i have to send the Admin of the Redhat Server the install files. I download the NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS2.tar.gz and send it to the Admin. He unzip it und run the install. Now he has a lot of Direktories but no netbackup installed. How can he install the CLient? Is there a way to unzip it and only to zip the RedHat part? The Zip would then be smaller. Thanks for your help. Regarts Stivi

Level 6

unzip it

remove all the zip files for eveything you don't need leaving only the Linux

zip it backup to a new zip file ( so you don't lose your old one)

send it to them

have them unzip

and run the install

they first need to instal the 6.5 then instal the 6.5.6

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They only unziped the file they need ti get in to the linux folder and run the install

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Hi stivi65 

Have you create a Push policy on Master Server to Installation.

If not create a push poliocy and befre running make sure RSH is enable on client for Installation.

I think it will be helpful.



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  If you are on a unix machine and want to re-pack it as a .tar.gz file:

gtar xfz NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS2.tar.gz | NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/NBClients/anb/Clients/usr/openv/netbackup/client/Linux/RedHat2.6/ NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/LICENSE NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/VSM_README NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/install NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/NBClients/catalog/anb/client.inst  

(or, if you don't have gtar:)

gzcat NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS2.tar.gz | tar xf - NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/NBClients/anb/Clients/usr/openv/netbackup/client/Linux/RedHat2.6/ NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/LICENSE NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/VSM_README NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/install NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS/NBClients/catalog/anb/client.inst

then to repack:

gtar cfz NetBackup_6.5_RedHat2.6Client.tar.gz NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS


zip -9 -r NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS

And send that NetBackup_6.5_RedHat2.6Client.tar.gz (or .zip) file to the Admin.  It will take a while to parse through all the files to extract.  Also, the client directory may be different for your distribution (e.g.HP-UX-IA64  HP9000-800  INTEL       Linux       Linux-IA64  MACINTOSH   RS6000      Solaris).  The path I'm going off of is the 7.1, but I don't believe that's changed.  And if you don't see those files in your original tarball, you may need the NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS1.tar.gz or NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS.tar.gz file.


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try this two command:

gunzip NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS2.tar.gz

tar xfv NetBackup_6.5_CLIENTS2.tar

after have install there a log file created on /temp directory.

please post the log here.

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