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Installation & pbnettestconn.exe & NetBackup Web Management Service couldn't start

Level 2

Hi everyone, I faced problem during installation. my environment is:

NetBackup 9.1., Master & Media Server Windows 2016, Join to domain, Firewall is Disabled.

So, during installation progress, it on waiting for command: pbnettestconn.exe took a long time but about 30 minutes later it done successfully although on of service called NetBackup Web Management Service couldn't start.

Actually, I read more article related to issue but doesn’t work. Also, I used nbwebsvc user and nbwebgrp with higher privilege even with domain method but it doesn't work.

Warning message after installing: When launches console

Warning: Netbackup Web service could not start this host.


Windows Services Console:  couldn’t start service

…refer to service-specific error code 6536


One of related topic that I’ve checked:

The NetBackup web services could not start on the host


Also unfortunately, I can’t get certification info

…Netbackup\bin\admincd\nbcertconfig.exe -u

 Netbackup AT service configuration for web service user failed.(error)


…Netbackup\bin>nbcertcmd.exe -getCrl

Failed to fetch security level for netbacup.domain.local  26: client/server handshaking failed

EXIT STATUS 5978 : Attempt to refresh certificate revocation list failed.

For more information all images has been attached.

so I looking for your support. Many thanks. all3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg0.jpg1.jpg2.jpg


Level 3


Please check the nbwebsvc and nbwebgrp permission on local security policies on master server, then try to refresh the certificate and run the setup again with modify selection.


   0) set WEBSVC_PASSWORD=<nbwebsvc password>
   1) C:\Windows\System32\sc.exe stop "NetBackup Web Management Console"
   2) <Install_Path>\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\nbcertconfig -u -i
   3) <Install_Path>\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\nbcertconfig -m
   4) On 8.1.1 and above: <Install_Path>\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\nbcertconfig -t -f

   5) On 8.3 and above: <Install_Path>\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\nbcertconfig -s -f

   6) <Install_Path>\NetBackup\wmc\bin\install\configureWmc
   7) <Install_Path>\NetBackup\wmc\bin\install\configureCerts
   8) <Install_Path>\NetBackup\wmc\bin\install\setupWmc
   9) C:\Windows\System32\sc.exe start "NetBackup Web Management Console"
  10) <Install_Path>\NetBackup\bin\nbcertcmd -getCACertificate
  11) <Install_Path>\NetBackup\bin\nbcertcmd -getCertificate -force
      If the operation fails, perform the steps at "Create a token" section then return to this step.
  11) Remove the <install_path>\NetBackup\var\global\vxss\nbcertservice\install_token file

   VIP    Certified


That is weird... Please check hostname resolution if it is working OK for this server, ie

nslookup server_IP

nslookup server_hostname

Is this server having more than 1 IP assigned? 

Dear NurgulG , I would try it and put result .

Dear quebek , sure it resolved just once no more .

Many thanks

I think there is a resolution name problem..
Please post the content of Server key in your registry
And below commands
bpclntcmd -self
Bpclntcmd -hn name_of_server
Bpclntcmd -ip ip-of-server
Bptestnetconn -frapv -s