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Installation client from console

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Hello everyone,
I want to install the Netbackup client from the console, I create the .rhosts file for remote access permissions and I get the following error message:
10/25/2017 15:58:36
Installing software on abe-test ...
Software installation on abe-test failed.
Software installation messages:
        abe-test ...
Abe-test client - Linux hardware running RedHat2.6.18
Installing NetBackup software on abe-test Connection refused

ERROR: Client be-test is not responding.

        abe-test install failed

the master version is a linux: Red Hat Linux Enterprise Release 7.2 (Maipo)

the client version is a linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 5.5 (Tikanga)
Thank you for your help.


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Can you use rsh from cmd between the master and client without password?

rsh is certainly not enabled on Linux servers by default. 
Console remote install needs rsh.

You can use ssh to push software from cmd. 
Instructions in NBU Installation Guide.