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Installing Client server netbackup 8.3

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hello everybody ,

I'm installing client server netbackup but install in this computer only option is grayed out as you see in the screen shoot and i don't know what should i do , can any one tell me in details what to do 

thanks in advance 

kind regards 


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You should check, HCL and SCL on this article.

Also you install and execute SORT that check automatically NetBackup preferences, on your machine,

Thank you.

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Is not this server already having NBU being installed - either master or media server role or ordinary client?

go to add/remove programs and verify there if there is no other NBU component.

yes , i have already install a master server and is working correctly 

but i did't catch what should i do , can you please tell me briefly what to do , i'm sorry i just start this field and there is alot of things i don't know actually so i'm trying to understand 


if u already have configured this server as master , and trying to backup something on it, you dont need need to install client binaries on it now. go ahead and create backup policy for this server as per the Admin guide ..

you will install client binaries which are purely your source servers for backups.

but i want to know how to solve this case to help me in the future 

Hi @hanan_sayed1994 

What the people above ( @Azhar4  in particular) are trying to tell you is that when you install the server package onto a system, this also includes the client package (so nothing further to do or fix). 

If you tried the same installation on another system that does not have any NetBackup installed, the local installation option will be available. 



but i can't find any instance in the master server ? 

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what do you mean my instance? can you share screen shot what exactly you looking for and where?

Screenshot 2022-12-07 144707.png     as you can see i have 0 instance , and when i add new instance it is required to add oracle home and i don't know what to write , i'm new in this field and i don't know alot of things so i share this questions with you to learn and thank you for your effort 

ok so you are trying to configure backup for oracle DB server( which is separate machine than your master server..?)

please go through this guide to understand the basics of configuration