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Invalid error number 2826 when restoring from Netbackup

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I tried restoring data from File Server and Exchange and keep getting the error 2826. Any suggestions?


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Sounds like the media server is not communicating with the master server.  See tech doc


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Need a bit more info .. NBU versions, where you are restoring the data from (Master, Media, Client, Admin Console?) etc.

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NBU Maintenance Update on Mater server and clients. Trying restore from both Master server and client.

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Please tell us more - do you have a media server(s) - does the client have then in its server list - any firewalls

Can we see the restore log plus bpcd and tar logs from the client during the restore


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Hi, could you elaborate further as Mark had suggested. had any restore ever work for this client? is this the 1st time you are restoring to the client?  How was the backup setup? Was it done with a different backup domain or client name? every possible information will help to troubleshoot further.

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Please give us as much info as possible.

Which OS is Master and Client?

If W2008, is UAC enabled?

If so, are you opening the NBU Admin Console with Right-click, run as Administrator?

Please show us screenshots of each step that you follow.

Before you attempt a restore again, ensure that all of the following log folders exist under netbackup\logs:

On master: bprd (restart NBU after creating the folder)

On media server: bpbrm and bptm

On the client: tar.

Based on what we see in your screenshots, we will tell you which log(s) to post.


*** EDIT ***

NBU 7.5 Status code guide says the following about status 2826:

NetBackup status code: 2826
Message: Master server failed to connect to backup restore manager on media
server for restore
Explanation: A process on the master server cannot connect to a process on a
host on the network. This error occurs when the process tries to initiate
communication with the server that has the storage unit. This problem can occur
during a restore in either a single or a multiple server configuration.
RecommendedAction: Try the following possible solution in the order presented:
■ From the master server, ping the master and all media servers by using the
host names in the storage unit configuration.
■ From each of the media servers, ping the master server by using the name that
is specified in the NetBackup server list. On a UNIX or Linux server, this master
is the first SERVER entry in the bp.conf file. On a Windows server, the master
is designated on the Servers tab in the Master Server Properties dialog box.
■ Check that all services are running on the media server.


Can you confirm that the media server who did the backup is available for the restore?

If not, have you tried to specify another media server in Host Properties -> Master -> General Server -> Media Host Override ?