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Is DLO installation on Netbackup server

Hi All

we have NBU server 6.5.5 with more then 40 clients. Now we are planning to configure DLO 6.0 or 6.1 with MP on the NBU server.

So i have some doubt regarding DLO:-
1. Will it impact the Netbackup server performance with DLO and NBU in one server.
2. What are the best practise for DLO configuration.
3. Any document or technote.

Thanks in advance

2 Replies

Hi Raj - I'm moving this

Hi Raj - I'm moving this discussion to the NetBackup forum where you'll likely get more responses to your question.

server configuration

i think you might need to supply more info as regards the server and of cos best practice it is always better to have it on separate servers. but if the server configuration wil be too big for NBU, then you mite want to try this.  but like i said, lets have the server config.