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Is Net Backup 8.1.1 or 8.1 stable to upgrade?

Level 4

Hi All,

Any one working with NetBackup 8.1.1? Is it stable one to go from 8.0 to 8.1.1(i am not using any featurs that new version providing). 

I am currently in NetBackup 8.0 and planning to upgrade latest code 8.1.1(normal workload flatfiles and NAs backups only). Only 1 feature that i can use for my envirornment is Password protected catalog backup.

i went through support site( and found there are some defects reported by veritas support team. Though hot fix avaialble and will get fixed in up comming versions as per veritas team notes, i can not decide whether to go for upgrade or not? Is it worth going to 8.1.1 from 8.0 where no issues reported for me in my domain.

Specially when there is problem in SLP operations (Article_100041101)and upgrade may fail at NBDB database update(100042241)

i want to test it in my DR site but we dont have any slp there.


Please share your thoughts, Thank you!!!


Level 3

If I were you I wouldnt do it if you are using MSDP. Their conversion process for security purposes completely brought down our site for upwards of probably 3 months. Even when the conversion finally finished we found tons of other issues and were so far behind on replication that it also kept our site crippled. One of the worst releases I have ever seen personally.

For small sites or those not using MSDP I'd imagine it wouldnt be an issue. For larger sites though I'd avoid it for sure.