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Is VSP still running by default after upgrading to NBU5.1

Level 6

I realised that the check box to enable/disable VSP (in NBU4) under client's propertise is no more available in NBU5 and under Master server's properties there's a tab allowing one to add client and select VSP or VSS.

VSP was running under NBU4 and all the backup seems to be ok after upgraded. But can I safely assume that VSP is running as per normal without having to add client(s) into the master server's propertise?

(I've read about the documents & thread mentioning how to verify, at client end, whether VSP is installed or running properly. But I'm thinking whether I can skip this tedious verification and yet has a safe assumption)

Thanks in advance.

Level 5
In case where one does not include the name of client in the
'Host Properties'->'MasterServer'->'Client Attributes'
no snapshot backup unless the policy has 'Perform Snapshot Backup' checked.
Saying it in other way, 'HostProperties' field name is just a hack to use a
generic policy for number of clients and then selecting only few particular
clients where snapshot backup will be performed.

VSP should work without any modifications.

Refer link below for verification-鐝


Level 4

VSP is enable by default, if you would like to disable the VSP then you need to add the respective client in host properties and disable it.

While installing the client software if you choose custom then you will have 3 options out of which VSP is one of them, if you want you can deselect it and proceed with client installation.

If you proceed with standard install the VSP is installed automatically and it will enabled.

Recommended is to disable to VSP if you really don't need, our environment while installing the client we deselct the VSP so that it will not get installed.


Level 6
Everyone has their preferred method. I like to install VSP and try to use it. Most times it will take some modifications/adjustments in order to get a good backup of an open file. It can cause problems with anti-virus and has at times stole too much disk space for the cache.

I guess hope springs eternal in the human breast and so I always hope that I can get a status 0 in most all of my backups :)

Well, I gotta go. I see some windmills that need tilting.BS

Level 6
Thank you guys for the pointers and advise.