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Is it possible to get a "slp complete" email?

Level 6

I've looked around and don't (yet) see if it is possible to get a "slp complete" email.  I'm making the transition from "all tape" to "appliance to tape" to (eventually) "cross-site AIR" and I've gotten the Operators used to getting a "backup complete" email as a trigger to change tapes.  What I need now is a "slp complete" email so I can set things up as "backup to appliance then duplicate to tape" using SLP.

Does such an animal exist?




Level 4

If you're using OpsCenter, you might be able to set a alert condition for duplication jobs to trigger an email when finished? I've used this for restores to notifiy app/server owners when their requested restore is complete. I don't recall if there is a specific alert condition specific to duplications.

Level 5

You could script out something with nbstlutil to check for active/complete SLP jobs and cron it to run on a schedule. Or depending on your SLP policies you could use backup_exit_notify to alert you when the jobs are finished...

...come to think of it, you could add a script to run at the exit of every SLP job with backup_exit_notify to check nbstlutil for any remaining duplications.