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Is it possible to relocate C:\NetBackup Temp?

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Even if the Windows client (any version) is installed on a different drive, a hidden directory called "C:\NetBackup Temp" is created and (based on the last modified dates) used for most backup sessions.

Is it possible to relocate this directory to another drive?  I've looked in the registry and the environment variables and can't see where that path/directory name is set.

I'm asking because on a few of our older physical systems C: doesn't have that much room left and on at least one occation I've crashed a box by filling up C: during a backup by what's written into that directory.




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Both of those talk about the TEMP located under Program Files\Veritas...that did move when the client was installed on a different drive.  But for some reason the hidden dir doesn't relocate. 


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What is your nbu version? Im asking because I read something about it when uusing Veritas Volume Snapshot Provider (VSP), rather than Volume Shadow Copy Service ( VSS), but in this case the s.o is very oldest.

Is your S.O older than Win Server 2000?



The client that is my problem child this week is running 2k3x86 with

Yes, Out of Support.  Yes, older than dirt.  But getting a post client install or post client upgrade reboot of the box is a political near I'm trying my best to get this combo working before I take on the lions and try a 7.6 client (the last one that supports 32 bit).  But even my 7.6 boxes have that same dir and appear to use it...

I probably could work around things a little by not backing up the System State but the Application Owner wants it included...