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Is it recommended to upgrade NBU5.0MP3 to NBU5.0MP6?

Level 4
We are running NBU5.0MP3 on Win2k, Win2k3, RedHat Linux and AIX platform since installation in Aug04. We don't have much problem on AIX which runs standalone NBU5.0MP3. However, we share Dell PV132T LTO2 drives on windows & linux platforms. We frequently encountered NUB admin ID problem whereby Admin Console close immediately when we access a volume pool(recovery was to recreate the ID). Also, some reports shows duplicate media entries. Questions:When was MP6 released? Dec05? Was there a refresh version since 1st released? Anyone had any problem/s at all after applying MP6? Thanks in advanced...Much appreciated...

Level 6
If you are considering upgrading Netbackup then please consider going to 5.1 MP4. It is very stable and has extra features for disk staging. The only problem I have had with it is the bpcoverage binary needed to be replaced.

Level 6

When i implemented MP4 i was facing problems with Duplications.
These were Duplications from Tape-to-Tape.
The issue was when i started with the duplication it used to show me error
" Warning bptm(pid=1208) socket option SO_REUSEADDR failed, errno = 0, No
error : and then the whenyou see the Detailed Status of the JOb it used to show the last update of many hours before. I waited for two instances for almost 3 Days for the Duplication job to finish but the detailed status still showed the updated acitivity time of the first Date........(The Jobs stalled ). On contacting the Veritas Techie he sai that although MP4 has known issue with Duplications related to Diskstaging but it also MAY
affect the normal TApe-to-Tape duplications. He asked me to Revert back to MP3a.....After that i am facing a permanent issue that the splash screen still shows me that i am at MP4...But its ok since the Patch level Registry Key shows MP 3....

Have you encountered this problem ?

Level 6
I do not do duplications so I have not seen this. However MP4 fixed a bottleneck with the disk staging I was encountering.

Level 6
CheeHoong CHONG,

Like Bob said NBU5.0 is not so great, hence it's always good to research before you upgrade to a "newer" version, this link below will give all the reading material you'll need to make the correct judgment to "upgrade" or not to "upgrade". Applying patches always come with the "good the bad and the ugly" ;) only you can tell if it would be beneficial to your environment. You are the most knowledgeable person when it comes to "your" environment.