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Is the backup/restore of single items with Exchange 2016 CU13 supported in NetBackup 8.0

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Hello, we have a complex NetBackup 8.0 environment running on Windows Server 2012R2 and would like to be able to backup and restore (of course also single item restore) Exchange 2016 CU13 running on Windows Server 2016.

Is Exchange 2016 CU13 already supported or do we need any patch and if not, which version of NetBackup supports it already?




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Exchange 2016 CU13 is unfortunately not listed in the latest (2019-07-25) DB SCL: 
NBU 8 DB and Application Agent CL:


Hello Marianne,

thanks for your reply. Yes, I have seen that already in the SCL. The question is, is Exchange 2016 CU13 supported or not?

Who can answer this question?



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The heading in the SCL says : Microsoft Exchange - Supported Configurations

If 2016 CU13 is not listed in the SCL, it is not supported. 

Cumulative Update 13 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 was released on June 18, 2019.
Veritas normally has a policy to support 'main-stream' workloads within 3 months. 

Full Database backups (without GRT) will possibly work. 

@Lowell_Palecek will probably have more insight into roadmaps. 

I like @Marianne's answer. Veritas' SLA is to support proliferations of existing workloads within 90 days. Sometimes we don't make it because it takes major feature work to adapt to an Exchange schema change. For most CU releases, it's a matter of testing.

Database backup and restore almost surely will work ahead of official NetBackup support. All it involves is conducting a transaction with the VSS API and copying the data files. Likewise, GRT backup is not likely to encounter problems. When work is needed on our part, it's almost always on the GRT browse and restore. The two exceptions that have occurred in my 12 years here were Exchange 2010 SP1 and Exchange 2013. Those two releases messed up GRT backup.

I don't have any insight into a roadmap for support. That's probably a good thing.

I suggest proceding but with caution. Test database backup and restore in a non-production environment. Don't rely on GRT restore until you see official support. If possible, wait until official support before upgrading your production databases.