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Is there a log which lists the files being written to the catalog during a VM backup ?

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Running NBU on Linux master and media servers, performing VADP backups. 1 windows VM keeps failing with error code 12. Backup writes for a bit, then fails. This only happens on a full backup. From bpdbm log it seems that NB thinks there is corrupt data...

09:50:40.805 [26095] <16> PseudoFedsHandler::ConvertUsageDetails: Failure getting usage information for backup-id : foo_1707231004, client : foo, policy : VM-WN-Test, policy-type : 40
09:50:40.806 [26095] <32> Function: NBE_CatImage::ndmp_addMountPoint():Corrupt .f file, inode entries missing directory info: File: ../nbe_cat_image.cpp Line: 1484: memory map invalid data,

In the past, for traditional backups, I could use verbose bpbkar logs on the client to pinpoint where the backup was failing. I'm wondering if there is a similar log on the backup host (in my case the media server) ? I've set verbose logging on the backup host/media server and can't find this level of detail.

I've also had the admin perform chkdsk per a technote I found, and still having the issue.

I opened a support call with Veritas, and after a month of sending logs, nbsu, etc... the diagnosis was a network issue between media server and ESX host. Nevermind that we backup 100s of VMs and only 1 is failing. Even when I'm only backing up the 1 VM.





FOA, to directly direct you to the problem that you have for your VM, one or more FS are corrupt that is why you have that error.

and initially, for error like this , I, personally use bpdbm log to confirm that there is a corrupt fs on the VM.

check for more details for this :

Otherwise, for your other question, you can use vxms logs on the backup host to get more few details event though I think bpdbm is much more helpful in this case. 

you can also put bpbkar and bpfis verbose on the backup host, and especially check event logs on your VMs.


I hope that helps .


Kind regard /H.