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Is there any way to completely disable "Cancel all jobs" option in Activity Monitor?

Level 6

The problem is our duty admins have next to nothing expirience in NetBackup. Once duty admin applies filter on the running jobs he wants to kill, he simply clicks "Cancel all jobs" with the assumption that he cancels only filtered jobs. The consequences are obvious, NetBackup simply hangs while killing hundreds of active jobs. Duty admin panics and calls either your humble servant or my collegues.

We have lectured them not to click this menu item time and time again, but this issue repeats if new duty admin joins the team.

Is there any mean to completely disable this option to resolve this issue?


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Not that I've ever seen. OpsCenter might be your best bet. From the guides it shows these options under netbackup operations.


The NetBackup Operations function includes the following tasks: Change states of the NetBackup entities as follows:
■    Policy (Activate/De-active)

■    Job (Stop/Start/Suspend/Resume)

■    Media (Assign, Freeze, unfreeze )

■    Drives (Up/Down)

■ Others


Hopefully the fact that Cancel is not listed under Job options means they cant do it :)


Or NBAC is another option.

Level 6

In 7.1 they moved the cancel all jobs away from cancel job so they don't sit next to each other.

Other option

instead of the java have them use the windows remote admin console - it does NOT have a cancel all jobs.

You have to highlight the jobs and then just cancel.

Level 5

We also met this exactly same trouble before , because "cancel all jobs" is next to "cancel job", and by default there is no confirmation for those operations. so in most cases , the NBU admins canceled all the jobs by mistake .

what we do is enable  the 'confirmation' function of 'cancel jobs' operations .

View ->Options ->Confirmations ->Mark "Confirm job cancellations"

from then on. such things happened very few .

hope this helps !