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Is there any way to limit the Netbackup backup jobs in a certain time Window?


Hi guys,

We have 5*LTO7 tape drives reserved for an important application backups during 23:00 to 10:00. I am just wondering if there is any way we can use these resources on the open windows during 10:00am to 23:00pm for other backups. Before 23:00, we want to suspend any running backups to give up the resources for coming application backups.

thank you in advance !


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I assume when you say other backups they are also from Netbackup & same Master servers that is being used for application backups.

unfortunatly there is no direct way to limit the backup time in Netbackup, it is all needs to be plannned in design phase..

however there is an alternate method to achive your goal 

write a small script, which will run the command bpdbjobs to get the active jobs, and then run bpdbjobs -suspend command against those active jobs to suspend them.

run another script after the application jobs are compleated to resume the jobs.

keep in mind if you do not enable the checkpoints for these policies, when you resume the jobs they will start from beginning.


It can be achieved with a small script and run it from cron. Let the script suspend the scheduler during your backup window and resume it later. I don't think there is a need to suspend the active jobs. You can infact increase the job priority of your important application backups to highest.

Second you can either dedicate a drive or two (if it makes sense depending upon the environment /setup of backup) for your important application backups.

Third, you can go with multistreaming and increase the value in limit jobs per policy to multiple of media multiplexing option in the schedule.

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You can create two sets of policies that can start the backups during your required time but drives should be fully utilised in this time frame to complete the backup within the time frame think of this if you want to cancel the jobs automatically you have to set the cron job to run the command bpdbjobs -cancel ..hope this idea helps