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Issue with REstore job not getting cancel

We have been doing lot of Testing for last 1 month and I wanted to discuss issue with Restore job which will not get cancel and would stuck for long time

I am using NBU 6.5

when trying to cancel Restore job it will stay there for ever

I have tried bpdbjobs -cancel jobid -No luck

If it Restart all NBU Service it will cancel restore job however i don't want to do that as it will also cancel my active jobs.

Is there any other suggested like killing any specific Restore process on Master Server can terminate REstore.

I have Restart NBU Client Services on target Restore server as with no luck.

Please advise.



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 When i boot from .ISO

 When i boot from .ISO image or PXE BOOT Sucessfully established restore enviroment  pass successfully but when partioning DIsks come it gives me an error Failed to Verify Backup --rc(131)

Check in bpbrm logs in media

Check in bpbrm logs in media server and also nbpem logs in master server if it is throwing any error

Hi Sid

Kindly let us know which NBU version you are using ?? OS ?


RUN --> <installed path>/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbrbutil -dump

How long did you wait?

When canceling a job, sometimes it will not cancel until it finishes a 'step' it is in.

If it was in the process of writing a file to disk, when it finish with that file it will cancel - this can be quick.

if it is in the process of forwarding through a tape looking for the image, it might not cancel until it finds that image, then before it starts the next step it would cancel.  ( I have seen some stop quickly and some take a while).

Check the Device Monitor for a waiting tape mount

If the Device Monitor shows the job is waiting for a tape, right-click it and "Deny the Mount Request".  I've had this cause restore jobs to appear to hang.


Where does this post fit in the picture  ?

Are yo trying to do a BMR restore? Is it this BMR restore that's hanging?

Re: Check the Device Monitor for a waiting tape mount

Thanks a lot it really helped to cancel the hang restore job.