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Issue with REstore job not getting cancel

Level 4

We have been doing lot of Testing for last 1 month and I wanted to discuss issue with Restore job which will not get cancel and would stuck for long time

I am using NBU 6.5

when trying to cancel Restore job it will stay there for ever

I have tried bpdbjobs -cancel jobid -No luck

If it Restart all NBU Service it will cancel restore job however i don't want to do that as it will also cancel my active jobs.

Is there any other suggested like killing any specific Restore process on Master Server can terminate REstore.

I have Restart NBU Client Services on target Restore server as with no luck.

Please advise.




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 When i boot from .ISO image or PXE BOOT Sucessfully established restore enviroment  pass successfully but when partioning DIsks come it gives me an error Failed to Verify Backup --rc(131)

Level 6

Check in bpbrm logs in media server and also nbpem logs in master server if it is throwing any error

Level 6

Kindly let us know which NBU version you are using ?? OS ?


RUN --> <installed path>/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbrbutil -dump

Level 6

When canceling a job, sometimes it will not cancel until it finishes a 'step' it is in.

If it was in the process of writing a file to disk, when it finish with that file it will cancel - this can be quick.

if it is in the process of forwarding through a tape looking for the image, it might not cancel until it finds that image, then before it starts the next step it would cancel.  ( I have seen some stop quickly and some take a while).

Level 6

If the Device Monitor shows the job is waiting for a tape, right-click it and "Deny the Mount Request".  I've had this cause restore jobs to appear to hang.

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Where does this post fit in the picture  ?

Are yo trying to do a BMR restore? Is it this BMR restore that's hanging?

Thanks a lot it really helped to cancel the hang restore job.