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Issues about Email Notifications

Level 6

I have an issue about Email Notifications.

I configured email notifications on all of our backup domains(9 backup domain in total including 6.5.4,7.0,7.1)...and it work well.

but yerterday I found that there is an issue in one of the backup domain.

Netbackup Version::VERSION NetBackup 7.0 running on  LINUX_RH_X86

I configured email notification months ago via Java admin GUI and I indeed received some alerts for the failed jobs so I thought it's okay!

but I found yerterday it sends alerts only for 4 specific backup policies as below since I didn't receive any alerts for the yerterday's NDMP 99 error.

The policies above are relating to 2 clients AWOLTPSQLVS  and AWODSSQLVS. Both of them are the virthual name for MSSQL 2-node clusters.

and I made some test also by terminating the running jobs manually and it sent alert for these 4 policies only. 

I understand that it is supposed to send email notification for all the non-zero backup status..not for some specific backup policies.......

and I don;t find any issue for email notifications  in other backup domains  so far.

is there anybody who came across the same issue or know how to solve it ?

thanks very much in advance!


Level 6

Ivy, what you're seeing is normal, because the format is different.

backup_exit_notify is the program that generates the BACKUP_EXIT_CALLED, and the email notification configured on GUI is actually reading that output file to "re-format" the syntax into what you usually see.

So what you get from *_exit_notify is what you see in BACKUP_EXIT_CALLED.

Level 6

okay thanks

I will modify the backup_exit_notify to make the new format the same with the previous ones..........