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Issues with " it is not a multiple of 512"

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Hello all, 

I have a big problem with this failed. When I run the backup finished with status 6!! I going to views the logs and I found this: 

08/29/2016 12:00:07 - Critical bptm (pid=26379) attempted to write 4 gigabytes, 1271042902 bytes, it is not a multiple of 512
08/29/2016 12:01:23 - Info bpbrm (pid=26360) media manager for backup id g200603sv04y-bkp_1472480752 exited with status 174: media manager - system error occurred
08/29/2016 12:01:23 - end writing; write time: 0:35:22
the backup failed to back up the requested files (6)

 Every time that the backup finished... based on that reviewed dbcliente and I found this:

<16> Dbbackrec::PerformNBOperation: ERR - Error found executing <backup database "PPI" to VIRTUAL_DEVICE='VNBU0-9960-12040-1472480749' with stats = 10, blocksize = 65536, maxtransfersize = 4194304, buffercount = 2, differential>.

<16> DBthreads::dbclient: ERR - Error in VxBSAEndData: 6.

Please! If someone knows about the solved for this error, I need help! 


thks a lot.




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You have not given us ANY background information.
Which OS on media server?
Which NBU version?
Which type of backup devices?
How are devices attached to the media server?

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Usually issue with network settings. Ensure client NIC firmware is up to date. 

Dear Marianne, thks for answer me. 

They have two media server S.O Linux2.6.32 .el6x.86_64 and 1 windows 2008

The master server version is

The Backup was a SQL Database.



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bptm on the media server gave the error.
Which one of the two media servers?

Which type of backup devices?
How are devices attached to the media server?

Do you have bptm log on the media server? Level 3 log at least.
Check OS system log as well - /var/log/messages if Linux media server.
Event Viewer System log on Windows.

What kind of things i have to check?

In a momento I send you this information. Thx a Lot!!!

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1st step is to check which media server...

Then check the logs that I have mentioned. That is if logging was enabled before the error.

Dig a bit deeper by checking if other backups to this media server are affected.
Find out when backups started failing.
Ask server owner what has changed.
Were any OS or other updates installed on the media server?

Find out which hba and tape drivers are currently in use on the media server.

Everything depends on which media server and the answer to 'what has changed' ?
(I am assuming that the media server has worked well previously.)

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From my point of view  there are two possibe reasons:

1. NIC (at media or client). firmware/driver upgrades, change etc.

2. HBA at media server. SAN cahnges, firmware/driver upgrade, change etc.

It's better to focus on changes in that areas. I've seen the issues because of NICs and HBAs but usually it happens after some tuning or card replacement. It isn't pure  NetBackup's problem and it's a good idea to involve your OS admins.

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I have had a quick look in the code.  I cannot be 100% sure (I'm not a programmer,  and the code is difficult for me to follow) - but it seems that this an issue with the client.  We expect the data received from the client to be a multiple of 512 bytes.  Therefore this would suggest I think, as already mentioned to be an issue with the NIC / firmware / driver on the client.

It is important to give full details for issues, for example, apart from teh suggestions made by MArianne, other things such as :

When did the issue start
Has it happened before
Is it only affecting one client
What was changed just before the issue started (if known)

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I found a TN about Client NICs last night: 
but everything listed in the TN looked like it was for very old Solaris and Windows versions with equally old Gigabit NICs and drivers...  ( NBU versions 3.4 - 5.1)

More info would be nice:
Is this the only client failing with this error?
Only database backup or file-level backup as well?
Did it work fine before?
If so, what has changed?
OS on this particular media server?
Does backup still fail if you backup to the other media server?



Hi Marianne,

1.-Is this the only client failing with this error?

Yes, is the only client.

2.-Only database backup or file-level backup as well?

Only database backup!!

3.-Did it work fine before?

Yes, it works well before.

4.-If so, what has changed?

according tower nothing has changed connectivity, providing it is a VM. Today it was an update of the VMtools

5.-OS on this particular media server?


6.-Does backup still fail if you backup to the other media server?

I have not tried that option. But the other customers do not fail when support for that media server



To me point 4 is contradicting, you say nothing has changed and at the same that VMtools as been upgraded ?

Being a VM and considering that there seemly has been maintaince on it, is it still running on the same host ?

Has the media server in question a full disk condition ? as the problem seems to with the writing

What happens if you a backup of small database like msdb which is usually below 4 GB


The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue