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Issues with setting up NBAC (NetBackup Access Control)

Level 3

Hi all,

I'm currently having issues with setting up the NetBackup access control. When I run the command "/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpnbaz -SetupMaster", I receive the following error (log file is also attached):

"Unable to configure target host"

I checked the log located in /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/admin, and the log displays the following error:

"SetupMaster: Domain name after localhost auth is [test.d2.local].

SetupMaster: broker cluster name is [TEST.d2.local].

SetupMaster: Name mismatch in case, clustered name:[TEST.d2.local] domain:[test.d2.local]. Failing with Config-Error"

It appears that the SetupMaster cannot resolve the two names because one is upper-cased and the other is not. Where is NetBackup retrieving the domain name from? I set the localhost name to be TEST.d2.local, but for some reason, it is changed to lower-cased in the logs. Is it also possible to change the broker cluster name?

Thank you for any help.


Level 6

@karentv11The error is pretty much self explanatory. Try to avoid name mismatch like this and reattempt.

It should work. FYI... last week I setup NBAC for 2 different customers and there were no errors. I could setup it in single shot.

My experience with NBAC in previous versions (before 7.7.x) was really bad and was not recommending to customer. But this has improved way better 8.2 onwards and can recommend it now.


@pats_729 Thank you for the answer. I'm just not sure how to change the broker cluster name, is that just the name of the NetBackup Master Server? I also set the localhost name to "TEST.d2.local", so I'm unsure why NetBackup is saying that it is "test.d2.local" instead.

@karentv11possible to post following outputs

cat /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf

nbcertcmd -listCertDetails

nbcertcmd -displayCACertDetails

nbemmcmd -listhost -verbose

This is just verify where is the mismatch.

Sorry but I have to ask this:
Did you clear cache after that change?

Did you clear netbackup’s cache after that change? Using the command bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache