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It's Time To Do This Cloud Thing!

Level 4

Hi Friends,

Has your boss been telling/asking you:

  • "It's time to do this 'Cloud' thing."
  • "What happens if our onsite backups get held ransom?"
  • "We have Veritas for onsite, what do we use for cloud backups?"
  • "What happens if an asteroid hits our datacenter?

Well, I'm happy to tell you friends Veritas has ALL the tools you need and you don't have to look any further for Cloud.

Let's face it, "cloud" is kind of a nebulous term isn't it?  So what is the "cloud"?  It's a datacenter.  Yep, a datacenter with servers, air conditioning, loud fans and all that great stuff that you probably already have in your datacenter, but this one isn't managed by you.

Remember EVERYTHING has an Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), even us. So eventually your server will need help, perhaps your networking or even the storage. When this happens in the cloud, depending on your service level agreement, the cloud vendor fixes the hardware and your server is back up and running.

But what about your application? What about your data? What about all of the small print? You've been protecting these in your datacenter with an enterprise tool right now? Well, why would you move into the cloud without an enterprise solution in there as well?

Don't get me wrong, the cloud has some great tools, but you already have Veritas, know how to use it and will continue to use it for your on-site backups.  The outstanding thing is Veritas works both on-site and in the cloud seamlessly.

Maybe you're thinking of trying the cloud but you're not sure where to start? Veritas has you covered with Alta Recovery Vault. Alta Recovery Vault lets you backup immutable/WORM copies of your critical data to the cloud without having to deal with cloud vendors. Yep, all you have to do is work with Veritas and we'll get you going!

Check out my Alta Recovery Vault document suite, I just updated the Deployment Guide and I'm VERY proud of it:

Are you concerned with safety of your data in Alta Recovery Vault? Let my Alta Recovery Security Guide help answer all your questions:

What if my entire Primary goes down and I need those Alta Recovery Vault backups? NO PROBLEM, with Image Sharing we've got you covered!

But Neil my company wants to use Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Direct Connect because we don't use HTTPS and port 443. Who's your buddy?
Alta Recovery Vault ExpressRoute Overview

Alta Recovery Vault Direct Connect

How about some videos if you like learning that way:
Alta Recovery Vault Deployment Demo Azure

Alta Recovery Vault Deployment Demo AWS

Creating a Storage Bucket on Azure

Creating a Storage Bucket on AWS

Short Lived Token Based Authentication

But what if I ALREADY have data in the cloud? No problem, do you have cloud snapshots everywhere and not sure how to keep it all straight?
Check out our Backup from Snapshot technology:

This is some really cool tech. Veritas takes your existing cloud snapshots and does a backup from it. And it's all with our world class deduplication built right in!

Okay, okay, but what if you're looking to the cloud and want to learn about all of the great features and pitfalls to look for? Ask and you shall receive my friend!

NetBackup Best Practices for Azure

NetBackup Best Practices for AWS

NetBackup Best Practices for GCP

I'm sure you've been hearing a lot about ransomware and how threat actors are locking up primary and backup data. Veritas has malware protection and immutability/WORM built right in so your backups can not be changed or deleted unless you want them to be. Veritas protects you in multiple ways, but check out these two videos where I backup data to Alta Recovery Vault, and then simulate myself as a threat actor going into that console and expiring images. You'll see the non-immutable backup can be expired, but the immutable storage can not be expired early.

Veritas Alta Recovery Vault: Setting up Immutable Storage Part 1 of 2

Veritas Alta Recovery Vault: Backup, Recovery, and Expiring Immutable Storage Part 2 of 2

Wow, that's a lot of cool cloud stuff! There's tons more to share with you, but let me know what you'd like to see or what you have questions on?

Until Next Time,