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Java console (7.7.3) does not remember printer settings.

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I've marked this as under Windows 8 even though I'm running this under Windows 10. 

Does anyone if there is a way to force the Java NBU admin console to remember printer setup changes made after closing out the program and restarting it? I've even tried running "nbjava.bat" as administrator with no change in behavior. It never remembers printer setup selections.

Also is there a way to change what font size it uses when printing reports? 

I prefer the old NBU administration console application for managing NBU servers. With the specific column set I was displaying in my tape reports, I was able to get the output printed on one page. As it is with this Java console, it takes up two pages and the 2nd page only has one or two columns on it. 

Thanks in advance!


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Its really new kind of question to this forum. I have never used printer with Java Console, however i dont deny the possibility that someone could need it.

Well, did you tried saving the report in csv format and then print it ? I hope that should work.

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I have never in my 18 years with NBU heard of anyone printing straight from NBU GUI.

I (and others) have always saved reports in .txt or .csv and then use appropriate MS Office programs to format and print.

Thanks for the suggestion. From the other reply received it sounds like that's my only option to get output formatted the way I want it.

Thanks for the response.

It sounds like my only option really is to export to CSV or TXT and format outside of the GUI.