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Java console lag and responsiveness.

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We recently upgraded to 7.7.  We are regretting this. 

To put it simply, the Java console is SO SLOW!  It is causing us huge frustration and is making backup checks and maintenance an absolute headache.  

Before we start going down the the road of ranting at Symantec, what are others experiences of the Java console, and what sort of backup estate are you supporting?  We have around 70 NB policies backing up about 45TB of deduped data.

As things stand, we are on the borderline of if being unusable. 


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I've got a recent install on 7.7.2, catalog is already at 150GB, 200 clients, and about 40TB used on 2 appliances in 2 separate sites. I see no slowness, aside from the anoyance of having the console locked while it performs snapshot validation when you work on Hyper-V and VMware policies.