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Java console or X-manger problem

Dear all,

we are using veritas netbackup 6.5 on Solaris platform server[ active passive cluster ].

whenever we access veritas console on our desktop/laptop through Java console or X-manger in both way we got very slow response.

To change on configuration or saving any configuration is very slow.

this makes working on veritas console very irritating.

Is there any way to make this access console fast.

With regards,

Gaurav mathur

2 Replies

Check the load on the server

Usually when the Java console is really slow, the load on the master server is high.

You may want to check out the NetBackup tuning guide to verify that the master server meets the recommended requirements.

Installing the latest NetBackup patches, including the latest NetBackup Java patch may help.

If accessing the console through a Windows desktop, you can install the NetBackup Windows Java Administration console, which might be
faster than the X-Windows program you are using.


Is it slow all the time or slow at particular point? It also depends on  how youare  connecting to server, over LAN Vs VPN. Look at the Java window (command prompt type of window it opens after login) to see if it's going through IP caching or any other error.