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KVM backup 2019

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I need to backup KVM VMs, i know that deploying an agent inside each machine but thats not full protection to my VM.

Has anyone have an update in the roadmap ? Finally in the next revision we'll be included ??

In 2016 was in the roadmap and now we're in 2019 and no integration with KVM (or oracle VM) yet.

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Veritas will never share roadmap or release dates in a public forum.

What I do know is that KVM is currently in the BETA version that was released a month ago.
I am registered for BETA testing but do not have any lab facilities for testing. 

This is the info I received:

In this beta a Protection Policy can be created and run using NetBackup Commands. This offers clientless protection and does not require the NetBackup Client to be installed in the RHV environments or on Guests. NetBackup integrates with OVirt APIs to provide VM level protection in the RHV environment, and the KVMs should be managed by RHV manager so that NetBackup can leverage OVirt APIs for VM protection.

We can only hope that this feature will make it to next GA release within the next couple of months. 

In anticipation of support for RedHat Virtualization, please make yourself familiar with the NetBackup WebUI and protection plans. You will define and manage RHV protection in the WebUI. In NetBackup 8.1.2, you can use it for VMware protection.