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LTO6 showing different date on media assigned date and in catalog

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we  have LTO6 tape Dr0195 it has data from dec 2017 but in the media menu time assigned is showing 10 jan2018 how i

can correct this because when searching tape there will be confusion 

file attached for reference


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Is it possible that backup was done to disk in Dec 2017 and duplicated to tape in Jan 2018?

Please show us output of 
bpimagelist -L -backupid <backup_id>
nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid <media-id> 

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It's impossible to change the assign time of a tape.   It is only deleted when the media expires.

Dear Marianne,

Thanks for your response i have attached file output of two command 

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So, my gutfeel was right - backup (to disk) was done in Dec 2017:

Backup Time:          12/29/2017 6:09:45 PM (1514560185)

Only duplicated to tape in January 2018: 

 Media Date:          1/10/2018 10:36:47 AM (1515569807)
Copy Creation Time:      1/10/2018 1:36:03 PM (1515580563)

This corresponds with Time Assigned:

Time Assigned:                  01/10/2018 10:36

Backup to disk has already expired, only copy 2 is left with INFINITY expiration.
Backup image date remains the date/time of 1st backup copy. 

So, absolutely nothing wrong. 
Only thing to worry about is - why did it take so long before duplication took place (12 days!)? 
Was there a temporary problem with resources at the time? 
Or are you still seeing backlogs with SLP duplications? 

Dear Mari,

normally our duplication backup finishes on time but we change media rule from right to left on july 2018 in order to avoid duplication of tapes as we have same 195 tape but with different aphabat is there any impact file attached for reference 


mohamed shujath

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Not sure how the Media Generation Rule relates to your original query.

The old tapes that were added with last 6 digits (ending in L6) will stay like that. It cannot be changed - especially since your retention on tape seems to be INFINITY. 

Barcode NV1950L6 and DR0195L6 have different media id's:
NV1950 and 0195L6. All of them unique. 

Barcodes NV1950L6 and DR1950L6  will also have different media-ids : 
NV1950 and 1950L6 (if added previously) or else DR1950 (if added after Generation rule has changed).
All of them unique.

So, good thing you changed Media Generation Rule.
I do not see any problem going forward.