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LTO7 tape with stk changer is detected on the NBU 8.2 version, however fails the backups

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We have recently added LTO7 with our STK changer.


The backup fails with the error "allow overwrite operation failed to media id *. drive  index * 


I have set the "Allow overwrite protection" in the media properties and also the "Disable_append_*"

on the windows 2019 system, but not able to backup with this LTO7 drive and tape type.





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This forum (General Veritas) is hardly ever visited by anyone. 

Do you still need assistance? 

If so, I will move your post to the NetBackup forum. 

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Yes please


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It seems as if you have NetBackup and Backup Exec terminology confused.... ?
NBU has 'Allow Media Overwrite setting, BE has Allow Overwrite Protection.
NBU does not have 'Disable append' setting. (Unless you found very old documentation with reference to touch files...) 

Could you please copy all text in Job Details of failed job and post it here?

Question about the tapes:
Did you order the tapes (media) from STK supplier?

From history, I remember that tapes ordered from STK/Oracle all had 'ANSI' headers.
You need to select 'ANSI' in Allow Media Overwrite in Host Properties of all media servers, then unfreeze all tapes that were frozen because of this. 

We can give better advise if see exact error message. 

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Allow media overwrite, as mentioned by Marianne related to allowing NBU to automatically overwrite a tape that contains one of the data types eg, ansi, tar ... as opposed to  an expected NBU tape header or a blank tape.

"allow overwrite operation failed" relates to something different ...

NBU now has to pre-authorise overwriting data, it's a safety meansure and works at hardware level, LTO5 drives and above support it.  Basically, it is the tape drive saying 'are you really really  sure you want me to overwrite this' .

bptm log should show details when this happens.

1. Two suggestions - power cycle the drives (not from the ibrary GUI, a proper real power cycle).  This should take them out of append mode.
2.  Try ceating < install_path>\Veritas\NetBackup\db\config\DISABLE_APPEND_MODE  as a workaround.