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Largest backup client report

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I would like to fetch the report for the largest client backed up in size and also the client whose data change rate is high. Please suggest


Level 6

For the first I'd suggest using OpsCenter and the "Job Size" report (under Backup Reports -> Job Activity Reports). 

As for the second query (and also an alternate for the first) - the information is available using the "bpdbjobs -gdm" or "bpdbjobs -most_columns", but then you would need to process this yourself in Excel or similar to obtain the information you want.


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If you have dedupe storage, then just rate of change is not enough, i.e. I would also look for which clients are consistently producing low dedupe rates.  This dedupe rate is available embedded inside bpdbjobs -all_columns (but tricky to pull out programmatically/scripting), but also I believe available in the bperror listing of completed backups.  Apologies but I do not know for sure 100% if there is a dedupe variance report in OpsCenter - there might be, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Level 3

One of the most useful reports I have found is the Capacity License report - it has some very useful info including what you need.   For largest change there is an OpsCenter report for this.

The capacity report generated is an excel spreadsheet.  The first worksheet is a summary of high usage servers and backup types plus the usage of capacity license if you have or going to get one. Second worksheet has everything itemised by server and backup type (watch for duplicates). The third worksheet is a disclaimer.   The other report is called "Traditional" never found it that useful.   I used to automate this into a monthly report to track everything, especially license usage.  Opcenter can also generate the same reports.  Last time I looked you couldn't schedule and mail a capacity report within OpsCenter..  

Gotchas :  By default nbdeployutil --gather scans the catalogue for the last 90 days any adhoc backps done in the last 90 days will appear in the report.  I tend to shorten the scanning period to only contain one or two complete cycles of the regular backup schedule.  If want to mail the report you have to use mutt or something similar, sendmail doesn't like attachments.

It is generated in two phases: 

First run a command to gather the information. Something like this:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbdeployutil --gather --output=$rpt_path --log=$log_file

It will take a while to generate all the report data in the report directory ($rpt_path) and it may gake up a reasonable amount of space according to your setup.

When that's done use the report data to generate the final Capacity Report.

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbdeployutil --report --capacity $gather_file >> $log_file

Where the $gather_file is

gather_file=$(grep "capacity   : nbdeployutil --report --capacity" $log_file | awk  '{print $12}')

Alternatively : read the end of the log file it contains instructions on how to generate the capacity report. See manual on how to shorten the reporting history in the gather phase.