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Legacy VMware Guest OS Backup

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Running NBU 8.1.1 in a fully virtualised environment, I'd like to know if anyone is using VADP snapshot based backup to protect a VMware guest running RHEL 5.11 32 bit.  I've had a look through the documentation but it gets a bit ambiguous around earlier versions so I thougth I'd keep it simple so:

A.  Is anyone running the above?

B.  Is it working (supported or not)?

C.  Does it require a two-stage recovery process for granular restore?




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32 bit Linux variants are not supported by NetBackup (physical or as virtual machine) so even if backup or restore works for now (for anyone) and you have issues in future you will not be able to get any assistance from Veritas technical support.

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Please see this extract from  Statement of Support for NetBackup 7.x and 8.x in a Virtual Environment:

Supported guest operating systems for VMware
NetBackup for VMware supports backup and recovery of the entire virtual machine

for all guest operating systems that are supported by VMware. To determine VMware
support for a particular operating system, consult the VMware Compatibility Guide.

So, if the guest OS is supported by VMware, then the guest is supported for backup and restore of entire VM.

Guest OS that issupported for file level restore is listed in this table in same doc: 
Table 12    VMware guest operating systems supported for file-level recovery

Note: NetBackup 8.1 and later does not support 32-bit clients for the operating
systems listed in Table 12. Consequently, file-level restore directly to a 32-bit virtual
machine is not possible with NetBackup 8.1. As an alternative, you can perform a
file-level restore to network shared storage. Note: Recovery of the entire virtual
machine is supported for both 32-bit and 64-bit virtual machines.

So, nothing ambiguous about file-level restore for 32-bit OS, right? 

Thanks Marianne, nothing ambiguous about file-level restore statement, clearly you're more versed in NBU docs than I am.

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I thought NBU always supported VM-level backup of anything - jsut because it does not do much during VM-level backups, it's just those VMs which get special treatment like FLR VMs and ASC Apps need to be supported additionally.

In the era when you can just do Instant Restore and pull the files from a running VM, supportability of FLR is somewhat overrated, IMO