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Licensing Audit

Level 2

Can licensing charges be affected by disabled policies?


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I've just run a test.  All policies were active, and ran the nbdeployutil gather and both reports (capacity and traditional).  Then de-activated all policies, and then re-ran the gather and both reports... and I can't see any difference in the Excel output.

So, the answer to "Can licensing charges be affected by disabled policies?", is... no.

The licensing reports from nbdeployutil are not affected by policy active/deactive status.

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Licensing doesn't care about policies existing or not, you can delete them if you want it will still not make a difference. What will make a difference is if you've got multiple policies, and the one backups up say the C: drive, and another backs up the D: drive. That is influencing the amount of data that you're backing up, and therefore impacts platform licensing. Having said that, if any one of these aforementioned policies has run and is still under retention, we fall back to the first statement which is, it doesn't matter if the policy is activated, deactivated, or deleted. The data is already in the catalog.


In terms of traditional licensing the same logic would apply, it is backed up and still under retention, it will be classified as a client.