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Licensing NetBackup 7 for VMware


I have an ESX server with 4 guest machines. According to the licensing NetBackup 7 for VMware is to be licensed through the Enterprise Client. 

My question is, which enterprise client to provide, Win/SOL64/LINUX or UNIX? Does this depend on the guest machines because ESX itself is a OS for the Host. If that is the case then how would you license an ESX server with 4 guest machines ( 2- Windows, 1-AIX and 1-Linux)?

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New client types

The new client types with NBU 7 are for all x86/x64 systems versus everybody else.  So your server gets the new x86 client with the right tier depending on the number of cores.  It doesn't matter what the guests are.

One ESX server requires 1 client license no matter how many guests are on it nor what OS they're running (this is a change from NBU 6.x).  If your guests require special agents (SQL, Exchange, etc.) then you need to license those as well.


Enterprise Client

See, i know an Enterprise Client is required for VMware ESX server. I also know that Enterprise clients are available in two options, either Windows/Solaris64/Linux or UNIX. I also understand the tier matrix. But my concern is which option (from the mentioned two) is to be provided.


You need the Windows/Solarisx86/Linux client.  The UNIX client is appropriate for SPARC hardware, not x86 hardware.