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Limited bandwith per job

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Hi all

Is that possible to limit the bandwith per job even if is running just one?

I´m backing up a remote server with a microwave link which shares bandwith with the productive environment. 

We configured the policies to run only on working off hours but we have to backup more than 3 TB and the jobs take more than five days and fails with network issues as Status code 13, 24 and 41.

The issue is that even if running a single job the bandwith used for it between 600 KB/s and 800 KB/s.

I don´t know i have any limitation on my schedule to fit on that values the bandwith.




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The bandwidth setting on the master servers host properties limits it per host (IP address) which it sounds would do what you want

If using dedupe there are also setting available within dedupe configuration files .. so let us know what you actually use

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More recent versions of NBU has a setting called resilient network. You may want to Google it and read up on it? PS: I see you have selected NBU 7.1 and earlier. Hopefully 7.0 or later?

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I would look into the possibility of upgrading to a version that has resilient network as per Marianne's note. Consider using checkpoints as well but bear in mind that it will grow your catalog size a bit.

One way to set up throttling is to script it using full bandwidth during off hours and throttle it to a minimum (say 50KB/s) during office hours and continue running it. I'm not much of help scripting it for Windows, I would be for Linux/UNIX.