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Link /usr to /opt

Level 3


Is the link needed between /usr and /opt for a netbackup server running Linux? If so then why? Can I just install netbackup direct to /usr?





Level 6

NetBackup can be installed anywhere on the system. It can be installed directly on the /usr folder. It usually is NOT because of growth concerns. It is not a good idea to have it directly on /usr because the growth potential to 100% of the available space would put not only Netbackup at risk but also everything else on the /usr filesystem.

Level 6

Listen to Stumpr....

the images and databases get very very big, some people have over 100 gig.

you don't what that on your /usr file system.

you might not even want that on the same drive as root.

most people create /opt on a different drive, then link /usr to /opt.  this way if /opt fills up ( because I was not doing my job and watching disk space) I will not kill the server, just /opt.


Level 4
Another idea is to create a distinct file system for NetBackup (preferaby on SAN which can grow easily) and just mount it at /usr/openv

Level 6
Put the /usr/openv/netbackup/db on a SAN which will then give you the ability to mirror and snap the catalog :)