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LiveUpdate Policy is failing with error 197

I have configured a Liveupdate policy with a singlewindows 2008 client to test but when I run the LiveUpdate policy

I am getting an error 197 “The specified schedule does not exist in the specified policy”

The confusing thing here is that I don’t believe you are required to configure a schedule as part of a live update policy.

It fails instantaneously so I dont think its getting anywhere near the upgrade itself.

Please can you assist.

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check this

Hi Nick,   1.  The NBU client

Hi Nick,


1.  The NBU client doesn't have the LiveUpdate agent already installed.

2.  The LiveUpdate server is not listed as a valid NBU server in the client's properties.

My understanding is that

My understanding is that Lievupdate is automatically installed from version 7.0 and above. Can you recommend the best way of clarifying if it is installed on the client

Nick80 you need schedule open

Nick80 you need schedule open for the client?