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Logical or physical MariaDB backups using Netbackup 9.1

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Hi Guys,

In a Linux environment, my customer has some servers running some MariaDB databases and we must back them up. I already installed the agent then I installed the plugin, then I have configured nbmariabd.conf file but every time I run the backup I got this error "ERR: Error creating an LVM snapshot. Reason: Volume group "vgdata" has insufficient free space (0 extents): 256 required."

I have two questions here, running nbmariadb -o backup am I running a physical or logical Backup?

If it is a physical backup, how do I make sure the space is enough to not get the error I mentioned?

Does anyone have experience with large MariaDB databases?

I hope you can help me, guys.



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Well I have to tell that I did never run MariaDB backups, but after reading I think it is physcial backup:

"The NetBackup for MariaDB workflow

When you initiate a backup, the agent connects to the MariaDB database to execute a flush and read only lock on all tables. The agent then reads the associated MariaDB database files from the mounted directory and initiates the backup. The LVM or VSS, then creates a snapshot, and mounts the snapshot.

The agent copies the associated files (the whole instance or the individual database) and then sends to the NetBackup XBSA interface. The NetBackup XBSA interface writes this data to the mounted media or disk storage managed by the NetBackup media server."

On the linux MariaDB client check with vgdisplay how much given VG has space. If there is no available space, add some by adding pvs to the VG.

Above was taken from here and the definition of logical vs physical from here

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In addition to the post above, third-party softwares like Veritas usually support physical types of DB backups regardless of the DB vendor. I think the only exception is Oracle with NetBackup Oracle XML Archiving.

I recommend you to raise questions also on MariaDB forums. IMO there are not many members here with the MariaDB experience.