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Long term backups best practises

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I would like create long term backups for my few hosts. I use tapes lto06 and lto7. Any clue what is best solution for that?

I'm thinking about:

1. Create long term volume pool

2. Create policy with 6 years retention, and long term volume pool


Do you have better solution? 


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A separate pool is not required, there is no practical reasons why long term backup cannot be in the same pool as "ordinary" backups.

Consider the following points - input for consideration :)

  • Ensure the requirement for long term backup is valid.
  • Ensure there is a common understand in what can be archived by storing the backup in 6 years.
  • Ensure data format is still readable in 6 years (source application format that is).
  • Have a plan when LTO6 and 7 is end of life. Do you retain a drive or copy data over ?
  • What if Netbackup is replaced with something else ?
  • Will the current configuration be running for 6 years - what to do when migrating to a new NBU installation.
  • Document your decisions - will you still be employed in 6 years ?

I need create good working long term backup.  About replacing netbackup, LTO life and or end my job right now it is no matter. I will worry about that in few yers :) Right now we use NB around 10 years


There are a couple of reasons to split the pools

One reason to separate the pools is vaulting. If you vault everyday like I do, you do not generally want to send mostly empty tapes off site for long term.

I put my long term tapes in separate pools, so I can run a specific vault to just eject those tapes.

Another reason to split pools, you may want to set the max partially full tapes in that pool to only 1, so you do not waste more tapes.

NetBackup on Solaris 11, writing to Data Domain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 in SL8500 via ACSLS