Looking for an eject script that will eject multiple media

Basicalyl, I want to be able to set a script up in cron that discovers all Media that are full in the library, then ejects them to the cap and emails my operations team to remove them and place them on the onsite racks.

I have the script to identify the full media, emailing the team that its ready is a no brainer, but ... how do I eject multiple media ?

Anyone have a fancy script that will eject 10 to 20 media ?

Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: Looking for an eject script that will eject multiple media

In your previous post:

Richard Bannister suggested:
Eject tapes via
'vmchange -res -multi_eject -w -verbose -rn 0 -rt tld -rh nthsunbackup -vh nthsunbackup -ml x:y:z'

Mike W. also suggested vmchange in his perl script.

I'm not sure where you are having difficulties. Is it the "-ml" media list with the : (colon) separator? Are you looking for some text processing to generate the media list in the correct format?

Re: Looking for an eject script that will eject multiple media

a-ha - i recognise that post!.

the way i run the actual ejection of the tapes is to copy/paste the tape numbers from the report produced by my scripts then tag the tape numbers onto the end of the vmchange command below -

vmchange -res -multi_eject -w -verbose -rn 0 -rt tld -rh nthsunbackup -vh nthsunbackup -ml x:y:z

vmupdate -rt tld -rn 0 -rh nthsunbackup -vh nthsunbackup -use_barcode_rules -empty_map

i could fully automate the script to tag the tape numbers onto the end, but...

a) there's no operations team to do the tape changes, just 3 Unix Admins who take turns to change tapes

b) our current NetBackup environment is totally automated such that the only bit that we do manually is running vmchange/vmupdate as above and physically swapping the tapes - we humans have to have something to do!

But we're going Disk Staging/remote tape robots/NetApp snapshot technology etc etc soon so we're gearing up to redo things as there'll be no-one to change tapes at the remote site. but that's a thread for another day as i don't agree with parts of our new strategy and will be needing help from the forums for some 5.1 stuff when we upgrade, and in time for 6.0 as we have to go 6.0 for the Netapp-specific stuff that we'll need by the end of the year