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Looking for policy tracking tools

Level 5

RHEL 6x Netbackup Ent v7.1.0.4

I have been trying to understand and use bppllist to track my Netbackup policies and have not been able to get what I'm looking for.  I use OpsCenter to report and if a policy changes but that's all the information I get from there.  I want a script that will track:

When a policy is created, deleted or changed

What was changed

Who made the change

I was told my predecessor had such a script but have not been able to find it or create something successful on my own and have not found the right information on the Internet.  Can any of you help me please?


Level 6
Employee Accredited

If you turn on the inventory function in EMM you can track if a policy changes.

Without using nbac I don;t believe you have any way to track 'who'made the change.


Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

You can turn on auditing and combine it with nbac.


See Chapter 22 - Auditing NetBackup operations in NBU 7.1 Admin Guide for Windows, Volume I